Since I can't seem to find an active Jeep forum to get answers on I thought I'd try here.

Currently have an 07 Silverado classic regular cab 2 wheel drive with the 4.3 v6 and 231k miles on it. Unfortunately it needs about 1400 in parts alone (rockauto pricing) and since its a regular cab my famimy has outgrown it. Having a hard time justifying dumping that kind of cash into something that doesnt suit our needs and is only probably worth a little more than that.

Here's where the cherokee comes in.

I have a line on an 85 cherokee (wagoneer) that I might be able to pick up really cheap assuming my boss gets the abandoned title on it.

It has the 2.8 v6, which isnt ideal, but from tossing a jump box on it and spraying some starting fluid in the carb, it fired right up and ran well on its own until I shut it off. No one else knows it actually runs.

I drove it around the lot a bit but couldnt seem to get the transmissiob to shift. Probably because I couldnt get going quick enough to warrant a shift.

The 4x4 selector seemed to move more freely than expected so Im guessing something needs to be adjusted with linkage and from what I can gather vacuum plays a large part in this as well?

Needs a few other things like a transmission pan gasket, and the passenger front window doesnt roll up. Can clearly hear the motor trying, but i think maybe the gear is broken.

Trying to get more info and see if its worth it since jeep is foreign to me.

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