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    1. Member urbancynic's Avatar
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      Apr 19th, 2007
      Flagstaff, AZ
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      03-16-2017 02:06 AM #1
      Since I can't seem to find an active Jeep forum to get answers on I thought I'd try here.

      Currently have an 07 Silverado classic regular cab 2 wheel drive with the 4.3 v6 and 231k miles on it. Unfortunately it needs about 1400 in parts alone (rockauto pricing) and since its a regular cab my famimy has outgrown it. Having a hard time justifying dumping that kind of cash into something that doesnt suit our needs and is only probably worth a little more than that.

      Here's where the cherokee comes in.

      I have a line on an 85 cherokee (wagoneer) that I might be able to pick up really cheap assuming my boss gets the abandoned title on it.

      It has the 2.8 v6, which isnt ideal, but from tossing a jump box on it and spraying some starting fluid in the carb, it fired right up and ran well on its own until I shut it off. No one else knows it actually runs.

      I drove it around the lot a bit but couldnt seem to get the transmissiob to shift. Probably because I couldnt get going quick enough to warrant a shift.

      The 4x4 selector seemed to move more freely than expected so Im guessing something needs to be adjusted with linkage and from what I can gather vacuum plays a large part in this as well?

      Needs a few other things like a transmission pan gasket, and the passenger front window doesnt roll up. Can clearly hear the motor trying, but i think maybe the gear is broken.

      Trying to get more info and see if its worth it since jeep is foreign to me.

      Pics for clicks:

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    2. Member Pnuu's Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2005
      Driver, wheeler, some pedals, and a wifemobile
      03-16-2017 02:22 AM #2
      By "really cheap", do you mean sub-$500? Anything more would be too much for this example IMO.

    3. Member 88c900t's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2014
      "typical wisconsin rust"
      rare Volvo s40 t5 6m awd, very rare Accord 6-6 sedan, Montego blue 5M LSD NA.
      03-16-2017 03:41 AM #3
      Are you doing this to garage the Jetta and use it as a weekend car ?

      Go for it if cheap enough The only major issue with XJs (Unibody rust) is irrelevant due to your location. expect teens MPG with that engine/drivetrain
      Typical forum guy with busted third-hand cars.
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      I like this guy, I like this guy a lot.
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      88c900t wins again, you really ****ing crush it at listing a ton of cheap options
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      You'll always get a pass due to your history of owning classy and sophisticated automobiles

    4. Junior Member VR6Passat4motion's Avatar
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      Mar 24th, 2014
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      03-16-2017 08:55 AM #4
      Worst case scenario, play with it a little and and see if you can make it work for you. If not...part it out! The nose looks like its been replaced recently. You could recoup your purchase price from these parts alone! As long as you buy it at $500 or under. Which is what it is worth. My daughter bought a $600 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/250k on it. I put $1,000 into it and its been a GREAT first car! 4WD works and had new brakes and tires!

    5. 03-16-2017 10:45 AM #5
      Let's see, you don't want to invest $1400 into your 10 year old truck, so you want to get a 30+ year old heap that is sitting in some discarded junk pile? Even if you got it for free, it will cost you more than $1400 to get it roadworthy. . Don't buy this car , even if it's free.
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