- B3 G60 Syncro Rear Motor Mount
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    1. 03-03-2017 02:01 PM #1
      Posted in the B3 forum last week but no responses thus far.

      So I need this:

      But unlike the other G60 motor mounts that fit a gazillion other VW's, apparently this one only fits the B3 Syncro .

      It looks extremely simliar to this (that again fits a gazillion other VW's):

      The mounting bracket is even the same part# (357199356) as many other VW's.

      So other than to drive me nuts - Is there anything that red flags anyone to say I can't use the "A" part # w/ something like this: http://store.blackforestindustries.c...stremomo.html?

      Or can anyone point me to a reasonably priced alternative for a daily driver?

      Thanks in advance for your time!


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    3. Member sdezego's Avatar
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      Apr 23rd, 2004
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      03-03-2017 05:23 PM #2
      I don't know the answer, but that I know that the syncro rear aluminum engine bracket is different (which I am sure you know). It's different at the block mounting points, but as far as how it mounts to the rubber mount in the KFrame's bracket, I am not sure. Most G60s actually did not use that round style (which is a Mk2 style 2 pcs setup) and used a one piece hydraulic mount setup.

      I would venture to say that since the PN is different from the ones you showed, it probably is. Does the syncro rear bracket still use the 3 bolts to the mount like the G60? Perhaps, the mount difference is height and maybe the mk2 will work, I don't know. It looks like the syncro used a shield which I don;t recall ever seeing on the Mk2.

      That prothane poly setup you show is just an insert though into the round rubber style mount and they make things waay too stiff.

      The person that could answer your question (Kevin aka brilliantyellowG60) is no longer on the vortex.

    4. Member weejunGL's Avatar
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      03-04-2017 05:10 AM #3
      same overall dimensions.

      a bit more heavy duty. thats all
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      03-11-2017 01:19 AM #4
      I bought replacements for my B3 Passat Syncro wagon from Techtonics Tuning.

      I also replaced the front with this:

      I found these mounts very nice and they didn't transmit any vibration. This car was just a daily driver though with HP upgrades.

    6. 03-19-2017 02:20 PM #5
      Thanks for the replies everyone. That's what I was hoping (same dimensions, different HD'ness) for. Digi - that was one of the one's I was looking at if the case hoped for was what it is.

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