- Want to learn to play guitar
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      Sep 10th, 2011
      01-04-2017 07:31 PM #1
      So for a few years now I've wanted to learn to play the guitar but always "put it off". I don't have any background in music (ie. play other instruments) and I'm 33 y.o.

      Anyhow, I've decided to give it a shot and if I fail, I fail but at least I know that I gave it the 'old college try' cause I've always wanted to learn.

      I was browsing the net and an acoustic guitar seems the way to go for beginners.

      The Yamaha FG-800 has great reviews and as far as lessons go, the following site is also highly recommended

      Is this a good combo? Any other recommendations with regards to guitar and lessons?

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      May 21st, 2001
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      01-07-2017 10:58 AM #2
      Here is a fantastic Canadian guitar forum with very friendly and helpful members.
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      01-21-2017 06:56 PM #3
      I'm in a somewhat similar situation, started out self-teaching many years ago as a college student with a borrowed guitar and gave up; had too much else to do. A few years ago I got an acoustic guitar very cheap, got going a bit again but my fingers are large and interfered with adjacent strings so I bought a decent quality classical guitar (approx. $105 Chinese made from G.C.) with a wider fretboard and an adjustable truss rod but did nothing with it. I still have learning a guitar on the back burner.

      I apologize for any appearance of a thread hijack but you possibly might want a classical type guitar depending on the music that you want to make. Possibly there is an expert here who can say that you can switch back and forth if one type is learned and if you choose a classical guitar, can any music type be played?

      PS, it's interesting to note that Willie Nelson plays a classical guitar.
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