- Mk1 ABA Swap, Starts then dies
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    1. 12-01-2016 12:09 AM #1
      Hey! So I've been having some problems with my swap. I'm swapping it into my mk1. Everything is hooked up. I can get it to start for about 5 seconds, revs up to about 500rpm then dies. Even If I keep throttle on it. I've replaced my stock fuel pump. I've done timing multiple times, bypassed the fuse relay. Everything is at TDC. I have no idea what to look at.

      I'am throwing the code p0341.

      I've bought a new distributor and it does not have a mark for the rotor. I've lined up the window to the hall sensor. Could that be the issue?

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    3. 12-25-2016 12:05 PM #2
      Hi . I have the same problem after i swaped an 1.8 engine. The imobiliser doesnt transmit signal to ecu for start. Verify the immo

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      03-20-2017 11:42 AM #3
      Immobilizer. Get it coded out of the ECU. Any other weird things that its doing?
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