- OBD I Codes on 95 Jetta
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    1. 05-03-2003 04:16 PM #1
      Any one know how to get the codes out of an OBD I car? And then what they are? I got a check engine light on the car and loss of power and rich black smoke after I did the timing belt. Any ideas. Tryed resetting it with a battery disconnect but that did not reset it.

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    3. 05-06-2003 11:18 AM #2
      yeah, you might be able to run the blink codes detailed in the bentley.. I have a 95 and I couldn't ever get the codes to show up. After some research on the tex, I found that 95's don't always show the codes..
      From what you're describing, I almost GUARANTEE that you're throwing the CPS code, G40 sensor. It means that your timing is off.
      Check that you're TDC on the CRANK, CAM + DISTRIBUTOR. All three have to be in perfect alignment. If your distributor is off a tooth, you'll run those symptoms, but the powerband will feel the same on the car, just slower.
      (don't ask me how I know.)
      BTW, depending on how long you've run the car like this, you might want to replace your plugs.. they may be a bit fouled.
      Porsche and Buell.
      and jeep, but I don't talk about that.

    4. 05-06-2003 12:22 PM #4
      Thanks guys. I searched but couldnt find that. Would just rotating the distributer fix the CEL problem? Since it is just the hall effect not being in the right place.

    5. 05-06-2003 12:25 PM #5
      I've heard of people trying, but they're a bit locked in place.
      depending on your motivation, I imagine you could give it a shot.
      It's not really a optimium solution though.
      Porsche and Buell.
      and jeep, but I don't talk about that.

    6. 05-06-2003 08:06 PM #6
      Yeah "not optimum" is not in my dialogue. Technically it is more optimum since you can get the ignition timing more exact instead of dicking with things. It worked too. I pulled the pin and got it back to the center of the rotor like it is supposed to be and no more check engine light and saved myself an hour doing the damn belt again since the cam and crank were lined up. These engines are retarded to not allow you to set the base timing. Anyways.
      I am going to start another thread but I am having the same tip in throttle stumble that I was getting before the timing belt broke. I am thinking TPS sensor but am not sure exactly yet.

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