Hello and welcome to what may well be simply the most ambitious project I have ever attempted!

I've long been a TCL regular, and many of you may have followed along my Greenland Polo build thread (http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4976643), and another thread that details some of the vehicles that I have imported for both clients and myself (http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7091300). This project is going to be a little bit different though..

The basics of the build is that I am starting with a literally bare and brand new shell, with the plan being to build a fully functioning car, which just so happens to have never been sold here in the USA. And not just simply building a working car either, but something with a spec-sheet to be proud of, and that wouldn't look out of place at the biggest car events this side of the Atlantic.

Every few weeks there will be a editorial update on the front page of VWVortex.com (which will be linked to from here) but in the meantime I will be updating the smaller gains and setbacks via this thread and Instagram. My personal IG account is xjamiexoe and the build specific account is CaddyVanUSA. Over the coming months I would like to invite you on this rollercoaster ride of lego-esque assembly, part number searching, model interchangeability hunting and good old fashioned build thread fun.

The first editorial post will be up on the front page of VWVortex.com later today. The second chapter will cover the process and logistics of purchasing and importing the brand new chassis, which I'm sure many of you will find interesting. For the big updates and some big conversations, I'll have to ask you to politely wait for full answers until I've actually written that particular update section. In the meantime, I'll go on the record as saying that the chassis was never assigned a VIN or chassis number, but you'll have to wait until then for the full story..

Thanks in advance for following along - I hope the journey will be at least as rewarding as the end result, if not even more so!