my ignition switch broke. And it burnt out the wire going to my starter.I replaced the starter and the switch

Import Direct Ignition - Ignition Switch Part # 18-0550

Once I plugged it in, I turned the ignition switch with a flathead screwdriver before inserting it into the back of the lock cylinder. The car started. But, no matter how many times I insert it into the locking cylinder, I cant get the key to turn on the car. I saw a mechanism in the back of the cylinder that obviously syncs up with the switch and locks into some grooves.However, no matter how many times I try and slide it in place, it never works.

Heres a few pics of the switch and the back of the locking cylinder. Its extremely hard to take pics of the locking cylinder, since its so deep in the dash.

Does anyone know how to install the switch properly, so I can turn my car on again?