- Best audi specialist mechanics in Tristate (NY NJ CT) ?
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    1. Junior Member
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      Oct 25th, 2014
      Brooklyn, NY
      1995 VR6 GLX, 2004 VW GTi 1.8t stage 2, 2001 stock b5 s4 laser red
      01-30-2015 08:11 AM #1
      I'm about to buy a b5 s4 and I'm looking for a reliable shop for basic maintenance and future upgrades (ko4 set up)...

      Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm in Brooklyn but often travel upstate to Orange County, NY which borders NJ. Just looking for an honest shop who knows what they are doing.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Aug 12th, 2008
      Red hook
      01.5 s4 stage 3, 00 s4 stage 2, mkv jetta wolfsburg 2.0t
      02-03-2016 09:06 PM #2
      Edge motorsports in haverstraw is pretty good along with speedsport in danbury
      01 jetta Wolfsburg t3/t4 50 trim

    4. 04-22-2016 08:23 PM #3
      Phantom Werkz in Elmsford, NY is pretty decent and they're great and not pricey.

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    5. 04-21-2017 04:41 PM #4
      I hear CIM Motorsports is pretty good. They're in Central Valley right by the Woodbury Commons. Guy seems nice enough, they did a timing chain on my '09 TSI 2.0 motor. They do pretty much exclusively VAG cars.

      I can certainly do work, including fabrication of almost any kind.. and of course a K04 install on your vehicle. I'm also in Orange County, in New Windsor, PM me if you want. Ironically my brother lives in Brooklyn

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