- g60 pistons/rods in a PL 1.8 16V block?
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    1. 01-09-2003 04:00 PM #1
      I may be aquiring a PL 1.8L shortblock and i've got a spare set of G60 rods and pistons i've been saving for a turbo project.. I've already got a 16V 1.8L head and i'm wondering about swapping the G60 pistons or pistons and Rods into the PL code 1.8L 16V block? is it possible.. i know there are differences in stroke and perhaps in wrist pin size.. i'd love to swap the rods and pistons to avoid the wrist pin issue but i know the rods were really short 136mm i think which may not work?
      any ideas?

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    3. 01-09-2003 06:31 PM #2
      What compression ratio are you shooting for? The G60 rods and pistons as a set should work after all, same bore, same stroke, same block height. If they fit, I'm not sure you would want to do it, your compression ratio will be quite low somewhere near 6.8:1. The PL comes with flat topped pistons and the G60 pistons have a large dish.

    4. 01-09-2003 08:12 PM #3
      That would be too low.. i'm looking for 8:1 or 8.5:1 if possible.. to run boost.. 20lbs or so.
      Is it possible to deck the block or head much to regain some compression?

    5. 01-09-2003 08:34 PM #4
      There's very little you can shave the head off of a 16V head, in fact Bentley says you shouldn't shave it at all, I've never decked a block but I suppose that might be an option. A better option would be different pistons, pistons for a high compression 1.8L-8v would get you close to your target CR, I'm sure somebody here knows if the wrist pin diameter and height are compatible with G60 rods. I'd recommend you cc your 16v head so that you can more accurately calculate what your deck volume should be.

    6. 01-09-2003 08:50 PM #5
      What about dropping a 16V head on a JH block? are the cranks any different?
      from what i've been reading and been told the G60 rods and pistons are where its at for high boost motors.. and i like the way the 16V head flows..
      i've got a spare JH block as well as the PL 1.8L thats why i ask.. or is the reduced compression all due to the head design?

    7. 01-10-2003 12:43 AM #6
      The CR of the JH block is only a little higher than the G60 but still too low, you'd need something like an RD block or any of the other high compression 8v's. I did the calculations for an ABA/16v hybrid once and iirc the CR worked out to about 7.8:1.
      The reduced compression is due to the head, for a 16V head almost the entire combustion chamber is cast into the head but with an 8v, part is in the head and the rest is in the dished pistons so anytime you put a 16V head onto an 8v block you lower the compression considerably.

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      01-11-2003 03:06 AM #7
      G60 wrist pin 22 mm
      16v wrist pin 20 mm
      block between G60/1.8 16v - interchangeable (need to add oil return if using G- charger)
      G60 head cc 32
      16v head cc 45
      G60 c/r 8.07
      G60/16v c/r 6.82
      Eurodyne Maestro Tuning, Stand-Alone ECU Install/Tuning/Wiring Harnesses

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