- The 2015 Nissan Titan?
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    1. Member Seitan's Avatar
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      02-18-2013 06:00 PM #1
      Even though my recent test drives of the current Ram, Tundra, Silverado, Titan, and F150 left me convinced I should buy the F150, I want the Titan...I don't know what it is, I've thought they were fantastic looking trucks since they first came out, and the thing certainly was fun to drive even if it felt like it had fixed rods in place of the suspension. So I'm curious if the next Titan will be able to beat the competition vs just winning an irrational desire contest.

      I've read all sorts of stuff over the past 4-5 years:

      - it's going to be here in 2012....wait no 2014...definitely 2015!
      - it's going to be a Dodge Ram
      - it's going to have a 4cyl cummins option
      - it's going to have a variety of engine packages
      - it's going to be on the NV chassis
      - it's going to be bigger, smaller, more powerful, more economical, more expensive, less expensive etc

      Is there any solid idea what we might get in a year or two?

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    3. Member lowlight's Avatar
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      02-18-2013 06:07 PM #2
      I love the Titan too! I was toying with the idea of getting a truck as a second car for a while. I justified it by saying it'd have 4 doors and I could haul firewood/my wife's garden stuff. If I'm honest though I would never use it enough to not rather be driving something else.

      Can't help you on next gen speculation. I'd just guess a more fuel-efficient 5.6L and probably the 4.0L from the Xterra/Frontier. Maybe a trans with more gears? I'd guess the possibility would exist for a diesel from Renault but only until the verdict is in from Ram's trial run with their offering.

      I also like the 4.6L Tundra. Seems to hit the sweet spot in packaging for me. Huge extended cab still seats 4 comfortably with the bigger (than the crew cab) bed.
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      02-18-2013 06:10 PM #3
      This is the latest Titan news as of about a week ago.

      Now we have news that a new 2015 Nissan Titan, the last of the six half-ton competitors, is on the horizon.

      We're guessing it was not an accident that Nissan decided to release information about its future product plans for the full-size pickup the day before the world debut of Toyota's Tundra, which happened Feb. 7. With the segment so violently competitive lately, getting attention is a challenge.

      Automotive News is reporting the next Titan should arrive sometime in the first or second quarter of 2014 as a 2015 model. As the oldest player in the segment, we hope Nissan has been studying some of the other, more successful players in the segment. For Nissan, as well as the average truck buyer, there is a lot at stake.

      How We Got Here

      Many will recall that the Titan was originally scheduled to be completely redesigned for the 2009 model year, sharing a platform design with an overhauled and all-new (with coil springs no less) Ram 1500, but those plans were derailed as Chrysler's relationship with Mercedes-Benz disintegrated. All of that turmoil meant Nissan was on its own to design a new full-size truck, putting the manufacturer significantly behind schedule.

      In a Feb. 6 press release (download the full Nissan release here), Nissan America's Vice President of Product and Advance Planning and Strategy, Pierre Loing, said of the next Titan, "Our truck engineers and designers have very clear marching orders. Deliver a winner. Nothing is off the table. Many of our team have lived and studied the truck market and lifestyle most of their careers. They know the stakes."

      From the sounds of that, this new truck could be promising. Whether or not Nissan knew what kind of changes (significant or otherwise) Toyota was making to its truck for the Chicago show, the timing of this announcement seemed perfect. As the smallest market-share player in the full-size pickup segment, Nissan has to do something dramatic if it wants to be taken seriously by truck buyers, which means something much more than an exterior reskinning or updated interior.

      Listen Carefully

      Clearly, automakers should not be cautious or conservative when planning long-term full-size truck strategy. Truck buyers are capable of comparing competing packages and configurations. And the truck makers are not just offering slightly improved models; they're coming to the truck fight with new engines, transmissions, clever cargo solutions, plenty of model choices, fuel economy technology and more.

      Both Ram and Ford have done a stellar job lately (we'll cautiously reserve judgment on the 2014 GM trucks). They serve as a good template for Nissan to follow (for product update cadence, too).

      We'd love to see Nissan do something significant with its cab configurations (give us the regular cab), wheelbases (a crew cab 6.5-foot box would be nice), powertrains (here's its chance with Cummins) and especially a new interior design (nothing needs to be said). If Nissan wants to play in the big leagues and dig itself out of the sales cellar, it needs to tackle all of these areas at once and create an aggressive product-cycle rhythm with mid-model refreshes. This is where Nissan can do the most damage to the Toyota Tundra, which just entered the party with a new dress but didn't lose any weight or give us any more "vavoom."

      The full-size pickup truck segment demands serious attention because buyers are smart and discerning. We like what we're hearing from Nissan. But we've also been around long enough to know that words and promises never communicate as clearly and loudly as action and results. So we'll patiently wait to see what Nissan has to offer before deciding. All we know now is that Nissan has had some good success aggressively redesigning vehicles that are getting a lot of attention - the new Nissan Pathfinder comes to mind - and if that's any indication how aggressively re-engineered the new Titan can be, we're hopeful.

      I summary, we should see a new Titan in about a year from now. It will not be Dodge based at all, and I would hope for Nissans sake it will be competitive with the current crop considering the Silverado and F150 chassis date back to when the current Titan was a competitor.

      The Titan is a fine truck. If you have your heart set on one, buy a used one. They had a lot of great features I wish the big 3 would have copied.
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