- Audi TT evo plus - Next Generation of ultra Chassis Design
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      11-21-2012 02:17 PM #1

      It’s a very poorly kept secret that Audi is keen to maintain its strong leadership in the field of lightweight design. The ‘ultra’ branding Audi has applied to it and its key positioning within the brand’s motorsports efforts communicate this quite clearly. So too do behind-the-scenes lightweight production mules such as an aluminum chassis Audi A5 we test drove some time back or a carbon fiber lightened R8 chassis we spotted while touring Audi’s lightweight design center in Neckarsulm. Add to these one more car, what we’ve learned is to be termed the Audi TT evo plus.

      To be honest, we’re not sure if we may have driven this car. The very same day we drove “The Beast”, that 2.5 TFSI-powered A5 manufactured in aluminum, Audi also let us drive a lightened Audi TT coupe painted in white. That was some time back though, and we’d nearly forgotten about it… at least until we read the story we’ve translated below via an Audi corporate publication that focused on technology. That story was about the TT evo plus, and the more you read the more you wovo plus nder if it’s not a harbinger of something coming soon. As “The Beast” was a chassis prototype for the quattro Concept, might the TT evo plus be a precursor to some third-generation TT concept car… or maybe even close to new parameters Audi hopes to set with the next generation production car?

      We’re not entirely sure, but read on and you’ll learn as much as we have in this very interesting story. Read the translated feature here:

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    3. 11-21-2012 04:38 PM #2
      This technologie will make the car a lot more expensive.
      I don't think this technologie will be introduced in a Production TT any time soon.
      Nobody's Tomorrow is Guaranteed.

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