- Cars you didn't like.... until you drove one.
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    1. 11-18-2012 10:53 PM #1
      So there's a thread about cars you liked until you drove one, how about a thread with cars you didn't like until you drove one?

      I was never really a fan of S2000s because I thought they were too small. I test drove one last Friday and fell in love.

      What cars did you not like, but fell in love with after driving it?

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    3. Member lawdogg's Avatar
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      May 10th, 2011
      San Francisco, CA
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      11-18-2012 11:05 PM #2
      I had a similar idea, yesterday ...

    4. 11-19-2012 12:06 AM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by lawdogg View Post
      I had a similar idea, yesterday ...
      Sorry didnt see that!

      Mods can delete this one.

    5. Member Elite_Deforce's Avatar
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      Nov 18th, 2012
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      11-19-2012 02:50 AM #4
      Awesomely enough, the S2K is in the opposite thread on this.

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