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    1. Member dannyc's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2004
      '94 LS400
      04-16-2012 08:46 PM #141
      Quote Originally Posted by Twistedsix View Post
      A mutual friend is a bit of an exaggeration... This guy trained me at my past job, and I took his position when he left to work for Lockheed... That is the extent of this "mutual" friend. I know the guy, but I do not hang out with him and havnt even talked to him in well over a year.
      ahh gotcha

    2. Forum Sponsor Brendan@bwalkauto's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2009
      Redwood City, CA
      MkVII GTI, E9
      04-16-2012 08:51 PM #142
      Quote Originally Posted by Twistedsix View Post
      I never went to her house, being honest here, she always came over mine... I mean I had suspicions that something wasn't right but I wasn't expecting it to be that, and not from a 24 year old girl. Idk really, it was one of those things that was pretty casual that she worked near me, we would meet up often for lunch, we would go out publicly, or she would come to my place... Who knows but im not stressing it haha. Just was surprised it happened, and ended in such a way.
      I was talking about this thread to my g/f, and her comment was "What? Didn't he ever go to her house? That's a HUGE red flag."

      Well, live and learn, and next time you just need to say "Show me where you sleep woman."
      Brendan Dolan
      Boardwalk Auto Mall
      Volkswagen l Nissan l Chevrolet l Lotus
      Quote Originally Posted by SivNiz View Post
      Have you ever been to the Terror Grill? Would you like to go?

    3. Member Vamped's Avatar
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      Jan 2nd, 2003
      Las Vegas/Socal!
      3 Volkswagens!
      04-16-2012 09:00 PM #143
      Quote Originally Posted by B3passatBMX View Post
      Bruce Willis should play Twisted and that plot will somehow be drug out for over two hours.
      'Come out to the west coast, have a few laughs, get into a car accident, my gf's husband is the EMT.........'

      Vamped Tuning! Scrappy Dubs!

    4. Banned Fritz27's Avatar
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      Mar 8th, 2003
      1986 Legs and/or 2014 Blue Non-MANual European Turbo Hatch
      04-16-2012 09:17 PM #144
      Beautiful repurposing of a Die Hard quote.

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