For a couple of weeks my car has been leaking oil. A couple of days ago I got in there to locate the leak I found one of the bolts to the upper timing cover broken. Thinking that's were the leak was coming from I put some sealant over it and figured that I need to pull off the cover to remove the bolt. It would give me a chance to inspect the guides. The sealant over the bolt didn't stop the leak, today I was prepared to pull of the timing cover and replace the bolt. I started taking things apart when I noticed my sealant job worked and it was leaking from somewhere else. After looking and feeling around I discovered the leak. I had to break out a mirror to actually see it.

The timing cover is the culprit, it looks like chain is rubbing against it and worn a hole actually two in it. I guess my timing chains need to be done now and I need to get a new cover too.