- DE NYSSCHEN: Questions and Comments for Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America
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      07-22-2011 12:32 AM #1

      We've created this thread so that people can post questions and comments for Johan in one central place. We're not limiting the discussion to this thread and welcome you to start your own. Johan will be focusing out in this forum and may visit other threads including older threads that predate this announcement. Still, we ask you to make it easier for him to navigate by either posting in here. Based on our past Q&A session with Allan McNish, this is where we expect the bulk of the discussion to take place. However, if you do start another thread, please include the name 'DE NYSSCHEN' in the title in order to more easily call his attention to the thread.


      There's no denying the Audi brand is white hot, boasting record sales around the world including a current shattering of the all-time record here in the USA. Leading the charge through this aggressive growth and even more aggressive growth targets is Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen. Over the years we've worked with him we've found Mr. de Nysschen to be highly meticulous in his management of the company and its practices, extremely defined in his understanding of the brand's position, and a rabid enthusiast for both Audi road and race cars. Following along as he presents alongside Stephen Colbert at a major auto show or simply following him in traffic as he launches his RS 6 Avant company car into a four-wheel chirped launch near Audi of America headquarters, we've enjoyed witnessing his breakneck pace.

      We'll admit, we're fascinated with both where the man has brought the Audi brand in the USA and where he plans to take it. Following an in-depth conversation about motorsport with Johan and Emanuele Pirro at an R8 GT owner event held in Sonoma last month, we knew we'd identified our next subject for a guest appearance on the Fourtitude discussion forums and are pleased to announce that Johan has accepted the invitation.

      On Thursday July 28 from 2:30-4:30 PM EST (US), Johan will log on to the Fourtitude discussion forums as ‘Johan de Nysschen’ in order to field questions by Fourtitude readers and other Audi enthusiasts in our Audi Lounge forum. Mr. de Nysschen will be checking in throughout that time block either via Audi Connect in the back of his A8 or from Audi headquarters in Herndon, VA.

      Those of us on the Fourtitude staff would like to formally invite all of our current readers and anyone else to ask Johan questions, and in particular those about Audi performance. We're guessing much of this will center around hot new Audi models like the TT RS and R8 GT, as well as motorsport which is a particular passion for Johan. And, knowing our readers, we doubt it will end there.

      All you need in order to take part is an active user account on our forums. If you don’t have one already, you can create one in a matter of minutes and all you need is an active email address with which to pair the account. Also, we'll be posting updates from the conversation on both Facebook and Twitter but if you want to ask a question you'll have to post it here.

      At the end of Johan's visit, we’ve asked him to pick what he believes to be the two most interesting questions or comments he comes across during his stay. We’ll ship each of these two participants a 1:43 scale model of the Audi RS 5 coupe as a way to say thank-you for your participation.

      As we’ve said in the past with previous guests like last month's Allan McNish, we ask you to be polite and welcoming to Johan. In addition, please understand that while he’s often very open to answering all of our own in-depth and sometimes geeky questions, he still can’t tell you confidential information and the like. Please bear that in mind.

      Also, we’ve disabled the private messaging function for Johan's account because he’s got just two hours in his busy schedule for this visit and we don’t want to fill that up with private messages whereby the rest of the forum doesn’t get to interact. In that regard, please understand that he won’t be responding to the forum’s private messaging system.

      Of course we'll be actively monitoring the discussion and as Fourtitude's lead editor, I'll be working from Johan's office that day to help better host the discussion. I can be reached via these forums or by email george(at)

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    3. 07-22-2011 08:06 AM #2
      I now have 160,000 miles on my custom 2003 S6 Avant so will want to replace it in the next year or two as I approach the 200,000 mi mark. I now have nearly 600,000 total miles on this and my previous Audis. Also happen to have a beautiful custom R8. I have a real need for an avant's carrying capacity & am not a candidate for a Q model. Can you offer me any hope that you will not abandon me or my end of the market and will offer a new version of the S6 Avant, or at least an A6 Avant with S suspension?

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      07-22-2011 10:17 PM #3
      Audi is, first and foremost, an engineering and design-driven company. Their committment of selling prettiest sportswagons and mini-wagon like A4/A6 Avant and A3 Sportback, as a perfect combination of minalist styling, performance, dynamic abilities with practicality have always been their forefront in the industry. Is Audi USA still committed on selling A4/A6 Avant and A3 Sportback in near future, even if their Q5 sold like hotcakes? While I can understand there are appealing factors for CUV, there are those of us traditionalist prefer the most rational choice in the marketplace. That segment is called station wagon, and Audi has aplenty of knowledge for building great ones.

      Audi has been very successful with their performance S, RS and R8. Will they further committed by bringing us the next RS3, RS4 and RS6/RS7 to our shore. I really hope to see the return of the Coupe Quattro as well as the rumored R4 or R5.

      As an engineering and technological-driven carmaker. Would Audi empahsize more on diesel powertrains over hybrid, although latter attract more greenies in California, in upcoming product portfolio?

    5. 07-23-2011 01:46 AM #4
      Hello Johan de Nysschen. I wanted to thank you in advance for taking time to connect with this enthusiast audience. I feel that spending a few moments with this group is a valuable use of your time as many of us have been Audi brand ambassadors for a long time.

      I have questions about the product gaps that we have in North America (i.e. Audi A1, A3 two door, A3 Cabrio, S3, RS3, A4 Allroad, S4 Avant, A5 Sportback, S5 Sportback, A6 Avant, A6 Allroad, Q3, etc).

      I understand that a lot of these are so called "enthusiast or niche products" and that the cost of certifying each new model is significant, but how is a tiny market such as Australia able to offer a full product line? I am mostly curious since North America is one of the few markets Audi lags significantly behind Mercedes and BMW. Are there any significant product launches coming for North America that you anticipate will close this gap? Thank you.

    6. 07-24-2011 02:14 AM #5
      Mr de Nysschen,

      Thank you for taking your time and stopping by at the Fourtitude, to answer to Audi enthusiasts’ questions.

      My first question is also related to Golden009’s product line post. When the A5 Sportback was first launched in Europe and in the rest of the world, Audi enthusiasts here in the USA were quite disappointed that the car was not available in the North American market. There were rumors that the lack of availability was due to the design and crash test requirement of the roof panel. Now that the new A5 face lifted model line has been announced in Europe could you comment on whether there is a chance that the new A5 Sportback is coming to the USA market?

      Second part of my question: As a reader of many automotive forums and internet portals I have a sense that there is a clear disconnect between what the automobile manufacturer’s think the American car buyer want in general, and what is being communicated through by the enthusiasts on these pages. Automakers seem to think that the American buying public is only interested purchasing sedans/SUVs with automatic transmission, and gasoline engines. Audi enthusiasts meanwhile have been demanding for years more station wagons, hatchback/sportback body styles, diesel engines, and manual/dual clutch transmission offerings. Audi finally started to sell TDI engines in its A3 and Q7 model offerings, but despite of being the leader of diesel technology in Europe, the company has been slow to offer the diesel variants in its more popular model lines. Can we expect the availability of diesel engines and more transmission choices in the future in Audi’s higher selling model lines, such as the A4/A5, Q5, or maybe even the A6?

      And finally a third question which is also a pet-peeve of mine. Is there any particular reason why Audi in North America decided to switch to red rear turn signals several years ago from the amber color used in the past? Personally I think, and many Audi enthusiasts agree, that the amber turn signals not only look better, they give better visibility and safer than the red turn signals sold on Audi cars in the USA. From a manufacturing point of view it is also an extra cost item of stocking rear light designs that are only used in the USA, when the amber ones are also acceptable here and they are much more desirable by the buyers. I know that there are certain DOT requirements, but designing a universal rear light design should not be that challenging.

      Thank you for answering my questions.

    7. 07-24-2011 05:30 PM #6
      Mr. de Nysschen,

      Thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions.

      My interest is in the A3 MQB:

      1. Does Audi have an estimated availability month for this vehicle in the U.S.?

      2. There has been some suggestion that the A3 MQB will NOT be available as a Sportback in the U.S., but rather only as a sedan. Perhaps this is to avoid cannibalization versus the Q3... Can you comment on this?

      3. Can you comment on current plans to bring the Q3 to the US?

      4. I would love to hear more about what the MQB platform brings to V.A.G. in general, and what it brings to future Audi models specifically.

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    8. 07-26-2011 02:02 AM #7
      Hello Mr. DE NYSSCHEN,

      I have been an avid audi enthusiast for quite some time now and just have a few question to ask. I notice that in Europe that Audi has started to introduce many RS branded cars like the rs3, ttrs, and rs5 at a much shorter interval than before. Is this going to be a new trend for Audi? And will the NA market be able to get these cars as quickly as Europe or will the RS cars only come to NA when a cars lifecycle is about to end?
      In addition, has Audi been keeping a close eye on other performance divisions such as M and AMG and how those two manufacturers are spawning special variants of their performance cars such as the black series and gts/csl. If so, does Audi have plans to produce something that is similar to their offerings?
      Lastly, is there any jobs avaliable at Audi? =)

      Most importanly thank you for taking your time to answer these questions!
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    9. 07-26-2011 02:15 AM #8
      Mr De Nysschen

      Thank you for taking the time.

      I am an owner of a US Model 2007 A3.

      My questions are:

      1)When do we get to see Audi (and VW) on the top list of JD Powers, and other Top Customer Service polls and surveys. I love my 2007 A3, unfortunately, the ownership is marred by an otherwise less than stellar customer service and product design flaw/failures.

      2) With the rumored plan of a North American factory, is this to increase productions of your specialty cars? Or is this a plan to meet current or future mainstream demands and will that result in affordable products from Audi since they will be locally made?

      3) Please bring the future Audi A3 sportback and sedan in the states!!!!!!

      Thank you sincerely!!!
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    10. 07-26-2011 08:59 AM #9
      I have a very simply question regarding the Q7. Why no rear seat entertainment system in the US? There is one in Europe, its sister the Cayenne has one, and the A8 has one. Vehicles from mini-vans to min-SUVs to full fledged SUVs offer one and its expected on a 50k or greater SUV.

      I was looking at a Q7 and one of the things that turned me off was the crazy lack of this option, not to mention the unbelievably arrogant sales person who made me feel like crap because I was negotiating price.

    11. 07-26-2011 09:20 AM #10
      I'll be direct to spare you some of your valuable time.

      1) When will the RS5 be availble in NA
      2) Will it be also facelifted as we just have seen for the A5/S5 ?
      3) If yes to question 2, how can that car already be facelifted when it has been sold for only 1 year and the car is perfect as is.



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      07-26-2011 03:47 PM #11
      I'd like to ask about Audi's financial plans in regards to leases.

      Back a couple of years ago, there were some VERY favorable leases on several different Audi models, particularly A4s, which was due to significantly higher residuals than currently available.

      Are there any plans to potentially institute higher residuals in order to make leasing Audi's more attractive? Particularly when compared with BMW and Infiniti, Audi lease deals aren't that great.

      With the aggressive sales goals that have been published, it seems making more attractive lease deals would help achieve those goals.

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      07-26-2011 04:13 PM #12
      Thanks you for taking the time to answer questions from owners and enthusiasts. I'm a proud long time Audi owner and I have a couple of questions:

      1. Would AoA reconsider S4 Avant for US market during the B8 mid-cycle update? What about next generation? What kind of sales volume will AoA needs to see to justify bring the model back? Consider this a personal request as I have a B7 S4 right now and would like a new Avant

      2. The new A3 sedan looks great in concept form. Would AoA bring back the sportback model? This is not Sophie's Choice... can we have both please?

      3. Please comment or clarify AoA's plan for eTron in the US. I'm not referring to the R8 based sports car but the eTron version of mainstream models (e.g. A3 eTron etc). Is this something that will come to fruition in 2~3 years time or are we talking about longer time horizon?

      4. There were lots of discussion about Q5 hybrid about 2 years ago but then it looks like AoA made a U-turn and got back on push for Q5 TDI in the US. What is the current AoA plan on hybrid (will it launch with A6?) and how does it fit in with AoA's renewed TDI push?

      5. VW Group has returned to manufacturing in the US. There are some rumors that Audi will do so too. Can you comment on this (if you can) and what models you think may be candidate for manufacturing in the US? Would AoA consider US-specific or US-centric models down the line?

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      07-26-2011 05:17 PM #13
      Hello Mr. De Nysschen-

      Thank you for your time and contribution to Fourtitude.

      1. Will AoA start offering more Audi Exclusive options on vehicles other than the A8/R8? Different leather colors and trims, wood steering wheels, Alcantara headliners and extended leather packages would certainly be appreciated by Audi owners. Also, even if there is a small take rate, it this is something that will make Audi more unique than the competition.

      2. Will AoA consider more options or special oder options on your vehicles? Things like lane assist, SPORT SEATS, ventilated seats, Audi Adaptive Air Suspension (on A6), power trunk (A6) Electric folding mirrors on lower models, etc. I have read that AoA stopped offering Lane Assist because it didn't work properly with US roads, however I know many A8 and Q7 owners who see no problems what so ever with their systems. In our 2008 Q7, the system has been used frequently. One reason we don't like the newer Q7s is that this option was taken away.

      Thank you again!
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    15. 07-27-2011 04:46 AM #14

      I am actually not sure you are able to answer all my questions since they are more concerned about the European line-up than American, but I'll still post my questions, because this is the first time there is a chance to ask questions from such high official of Audi.

      1. First I would like to ask about the considerations behind decisions of expelling certain model combinations. Why doesn't Audi offer new A6 with 4-cylinder diesel, quattro and automatic? I find it VERY controversial and disappointing that to buy such car you have to address to the competition, that has been claiming forever that RWD is superior to anything. E.g Merc is offering 2.2 litre diesel E-class with 4Matic and BMW is offering 2 litre diesel 525d with xDrive and automatic gearbox. The same applies to the A4 class, where Audi has never offered 4 cylinder diesel with quattro and automatic, but BMW and Merc offer that. The same also applies to the 4 cylinder petrol models in executive class. BMW offers 2 litre 245hp 5 series with xdrive, but Audi offers quattro with only 3 litre models - why?
      2. Is Audi developing also a 4 cylinder bi-turbo diesel?
      3. When will the 313hp 3 litre biturbo diesel engine be launched and on which models will it be available on? Any chance that A4 or A5 get the option of that engine?
      4. How much does Audi learn from the products of other car companies? E.g is Audi considering the use or development of a four wheel drive system similar to the one used in Ferrari FF or suspension system similar to new McLaren.
      5. Why does Audi launch its quasi top of the range models with a delay whereas the competitors disclose their ones right after the model launch. I am meaning here that e.g E500 and BMW 550 were launched along with other models, but S6 is following A6 with a delay? In my opinion the lack of variety of models may dispel some clients, because it is more difficult find a suitable offering. Again, Merc is offering 14 models of E-class and BMW is offering 16 variations of 5-series (M5 included), whereas in Northern Europe Audi only has 10 models of A6 in the list.
      6. Why hasn't Audi produced a competitor to the 6-series or CL class? I doubt they are hard to justify business wise, because as far as the car industrialists have explained to me, the profits from the high end models are higher. The harder it is to understand any rumors about the development of rather unattractive models like Q1 or A1 sportback or A3 allroad and the likes. Looking from where I am standing I was even kindof disappointed when Q3 was launched, not because it's a bad car or anything, but because I thought about the time that could have been used to develop something much more appealing. I know these models are destined to "young" people, but are there any polls made about the preferences of people in late 20s or so? I am asking because I don't know a single young person who would like to drive an expensive, impractical quasi SUV that is more sporty in press release than in reality (not considering 2.5T Q3 which is actually the biggest mystery of all at this time). A1 is greatly accepted within young people though!
      7. Why didn't the A6 or A7 get the fly-by-wire gear lever that feels much more modern and convenient to use than the conventional one? Any chance that A6 and A7 will get that technology in near future?
      8. What is the feedback inside the company to the public disappointment in the exterior design of new A8 (let's be honest - it is boring) and rear of A7 (it really looks like a cat taking a dump or Pobeda from the Soviet empire)? If there is any feedback at all of course
      9. Is the RS4 sedan dismissed? Will there be any product improvements to the RS5 as the answer to C-class coupe Black series or these revised versions of M3, GTS or whatever they are called.
      10. Is the replacement to Q7 in the works? If yes, when will it arrive?

      I apologise if some of the questions seem a bit offensive, but there have been Audis in my family for 25 years, they have been indispensable in Nordic country and always the leaders of offering perfectly good four wheel drive with good engines. I have always found Audis to look great too, with some exeptions like last two generations of A6s, but the RS models' improvements have made even these cars look superb. The more so grows my anxiety when I feel the arguments for Audi are fading, because the design of two top models is questionable and in many cases the engine and drivetrain choices are actually better at the competitors?

      I really appreciate your time for the interview to Fourtitude and wish the best of luck to Audi in becoming the best carmaker in the world.

      Thank you.

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      07-27-2011 09:37 AM #15
      Hello from sunny Texas, and welcome. I have a very good friend (and Audi nut) from Johannesburg, and he speaks very highly of you.

      BTW, I have an independent Audi/VW repair shop, that will become important for the second question.

      I have two main questions for you.

      The first is, why is there no TDI option in the sedans for the US? I believe Audi is missing a huge opportunity in this, where the combination of word of mouth and advertising economy figures would sell quite a # of these cars. I'm from Montana, and spent my first 10 driving years there. Quattro is mandatory, why not offer an A4, A5, or A6 with TDI and Quattro. And, why no A3 TDI with Quattro? For that matter, why not offer a sports sedan with TDI, maybe an A4 with the 3.0 TDI V6 tweaked for a little more power, but with the S4 suspension/brakes/interior. As Audi has been a dominating factor with the TDI in motorsports, clearly the power and speed diesel is capable of is not in question. But, more advertising in America about the success of diesel in racing would help a lot as well.

      The second is, this: What is being done to improve the customer relationships at the dealerships? I feel this is even more important than any future product development. One case in point, I have a customer with an A5 Quattro 6-speed manual. This car started developing issues shortly after he bought it, as the second owner. He has had it completely stop moving, the clutch went out, etc. Several times the car has been towed to a repair shop. It has about 45k on it. Audi has not assisted him in any way, insisting that there is nothing wrong with the car. He had to pay for the clutch himself. There are many more details, but that covers the basics. Audi has upset him to the point he will probably not buy another. And, it has nothing to do with the design/function of the car. It is due to the fact of the dealership experiences. If you are in doubt of this, please hire some outside sources to "impersonate" customers with cars that are having issues, and investigate what the outcomes are. Most of my customers have been less than satisfied with the treatment they recieve. And, this is not limited to just this area, either.

      Thanks in advance for your time, it shows the great care that you have for the brand, as well as the future of Audi,

      Last edited by Audi Tony; 07-27-2011 at 01:52 PM.

    17. 07-27-2011 12:06 PM #16
      Mr de Nysschen,

      I am a big Audi fan owing both an A4 Avant and A3. Since this discussion is about Audi Performance, can you please discuss why you do not import the Audi S3, RS3 or the S4 Avant in the USA? I am looking to replace my Avant in the next year and performance is on my mind.

      Thanks for taking the time for my question.

      Chris in Seattle.

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      07-27-2011 12:23 PM #17
      Hello Mr. De Nysschen,

      I have actually met you twice in the past (don't expect you to remember) when you visited Audi North Scottsdale, the dealership i have worked for 7+ years in the sales department. I come from a huge enthusiast background and fuse that into my selling, and by doing so I think I make new Audi owners more than just drivers, but true enthusiasts of the car and brand.

      In my 8 total years with Audi, the customer awareness is increasing by leaps and bounds and i think that you are a huge reason for that with the your desire and the team you have put around you. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!

      My question is this: From a sales standpoint we are seeing record numbers but are extremely low on inventory and have been for months now. Do you see our future pipeline of cars increasing, or a trend to get dealerships to order cars for customers from scratch much like they do in Europe?

      Thank you so much for what you do. I am honored to have worked for this brand in two different states for a little more than 8 years and have seen it progress as it has here in the USA.
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      07-27-2011 08:00 PM #18
      1. Are you looking for any mechanical engineers? I'd LOVE to work for Audi.
      Quote Originally Posted by Hudsone View Post
      No one knows what and where I have to go to them?

    20. n00b
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      07-28-2011 11:26 AM #19
      Hello Mr. De Nysschen,

      I have heard the talk and the rumors about the North American Audi plant location. I would like to share my thoughts without sounding like a dry sale pitch. I can say the community in which I now call home has many attributes that may be of interest to Audi in consideration of selecting a location for North American auto plant. Pueblo, Colorado has a long history of production and has all the necessary resources an auto plant would need to produce automobiles. In addition, there are many incentives that the state of Colorado and the local community is offering industry to build here which could aid in the process of opening a North American operation. Lastly, Audi already has a historic tie to Pikes Peak and the region as a whole which could be considered a plus in considering a location. I am a proud Audi owner and a customer for life it is an honor to given this opportunity to offer suggestions and comments.

      Thank You,

    21. n00b
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      07-28-2011 01:46 PM #20
      Hello and thank you for your time here today,

      My first question:

      1.) When will the RS5 hit U.S. dealers?

      Even if you could hint at which quarter, that would be a huge help. I am extremely excited and have been on the waiting list for over a year.

      2.) What is the issue with dealerships in Texas and low inventory? I think it's embarrassing to us (Audi and Audi Fans.) I have personally sold at least 4 Audi's for you guys as a referral/evangelist, but when I drive past the dealer i see they have IN THE FRONT ROW: Ford Mustang, BMW 3Series, Toyota 4Runner, etc. This seems like marketing 101.

      Thanks for doing this!


    22. 07-28-2011 01:54 PM #21
      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to some of these questions.

      The launch of the RS3 in Europe appears to be a huge success, received extremely wide press coverage, and further stabilized / reinforced the strong quattro performance heritage that is so fundamental to the brand. The Audi brand here in the USA is obviously very strong and has attracted many new customers, but there does appear to be a disconnect for many of these new customers from having that brand connection with the traditions / heritage that cars such as the quattro coupe helped to forge with your long standing customers / supporters.

      How does AoA plan to convert these new customers into a new generation of loyal / connected enthusiasts? And do you think bringing over more niche cards such as the RS3 can play a part in helping to create that connection?


      PS: Please bring over the RS3.

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      07-28-2011 02:00 PM #22
      Mr de Nysschen,

      Would like to know your thoughts on the relationship between STASIS engeneering and Audi. We have never heard an offical announcement from Audi regarding this relationship pertaining specificaly to Dealerhip sales and manufacturer warranty.
      Is is safe to say that my new supercharged S4 would be safe from warranty void due to the aftermarket Stasis software? Also that my ownership experence with my facing dealer will remain unchanged due to them not being a Stasis dealer .

      thank you for your time.

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      07-28-2011 02:22 PM #23
      We'll be beginning shortly. We'll be doing as much as possible within the time Johan has. Thank-you for all of the great questions guys.

    25. n00b
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      07-28-2011 02:23 PM #24
      Mr. de Nysschen,

      I love that Audi is getting more market share, as the growth is hard earned and well deserved. I have had the pleasure of serving on the executive team of a technology startup that differentiated on service, had an IPO on the NYSE, and continue to grow and is now one of the top companies in our space globally--all because of our focus on service.

      The hardest thing we encountered along the way was scaling the service experience as we grew from 1,000's of customers to 100,000's.

      Locally, our Audi dealer is top notch, where the local (more popular) BMW dealer has a waiting room full of customers complaining to each other about the lack of communication, length of the wait, and (get this) lack of WiFi in the waiting area. (Sometimes it's the simple stuff) It is imperative that as market share grows, the dealer/service side is able to accommodate with what is expected for this luxury brand. The right mix of technology and people is likely the sweet spot. We all want to feel that relationship with our service adviser and not feel as though we are a "number", but also, you can't have 20 advisers in an average size dealership as the costs will be too high.

      As a huge fan of Net Promoter (The Ultimate Question: Would you recommend Audi to a friend or colleague) the service experience will really impact the referral and brand growth. Less if NetPromoter is low, more if it is high.

      What plans do you have in place to ensure that the Audi service experience can meet the demand of your bolstering marketing and sales efforts?

      Thank you!


    26. 07-28-2011 02:26 PM #25
      Mr. de Nysschen,

      Thank-you for making time for us. I was wondering if you might be able to talk a bit about Audi's racing plans for the USA. There was talk that you might race the R15s in the ALMS this year. Any chance we'll see some Audi prototypes in the ALMS next year, and beyond that perhaps Audis in the Rolex version of the DTM in 2013? Might there be any potential for privateers in DTM like Kolles in Germany or maybe privateer opportunities with the R8 LMS GT3 car or the TT RS GT4 car that ran at Nurburgring?
      2010 Audi S4.

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