- needed - id of connectors on wiring harness - aba
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      06-25-2010 12:21 PM #1
      repairing an aba install gone wrong. car is an a1 jetta.

      engine is 94 ABA, wired in using the aba fuse block.

      fuse block to engine harness is a 94 auto aba harness.


      having an issue with the car not starting. using an automatic wire harness from the fuse block to the engine.

      coil is getting power and ground, but not switched ground to fire. also fuel pump is not running...

      could this plug need to be jumped to make it work, as in doing an auto to manual swap? seems like the park/neutral switch is not "engaged" and allowing the ecu to engage all needed to start...

      or this one by the firewall? i know the 2 wire is reverse light.

      or these? i'm guessing these are simply emissions related, as they are over by the maf.

      and yes, the fusebox is wired in as per swap instructions elsewhere on this site.

      and i have one of these, just cannot find the info i need to save my life...

      thanks for the help. this car is just kicking my but, as it was a hacked up wiring harness that someone else did, and i had to re-wire...

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      06-25-2010 12:52 PM #2
      There is only 4 plugs 1 ground and an exciter wire to make obd1 work with ce2 fuse block it looks like all wires needed are hooked up i would look at relays/grounds/fuses/ then go to ecu/coil dis

      check and double check the grounds in the engine bay make sure the engine harness got grounded to the block and the the ground from the battery to the engine/frame are both good

      U will get no spark or fuel if u do not have the correct relays (3rd from top left #30-32-109 any work for me and bottom right corner of relay panel i use #18) the exciter wire from the engine harness also needs 12v power its red and yellow looks to be hooked up.

      With a auto harness I believe u need to connect the 2 solid red wires that were running to the shifter

      Red with black needs to be fused or linked also for starter to work

      As for the wires in the engine bay i deleted the black and brown next to my maf the 1 next to the reverse lights is the windshield wipers i believe u can swap just the motor out so it plugs in correctly not 100% on mk1's thow the plugs in the car r also not needed Cruise control abs and the yellow gray is obd test port i believe.

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      06-28-2010 11:58 PM #3
      the funny part is I JUST DID THIS EXACT swap on my mk2, using a aba auto harness

      SPLICE THE red/yellow wire (should be a single wire w/single red plug) to 12v constant, it should start right up...

      It took very long to figure it out and a few harness later... a vortex member posted the answer and within 30min I had it running

      are you swapping to mk3 gauges? so the ecu can tell speed and properly fuel the engine...

      You should have 2 red wire black plugs, I installed a 15amp fuse in each(simply plugs in), that allowed me to crank my engine over...
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