- Torque specs for the 1.8T 20v motor
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      i see these being needed at least 5 times a week here. and even though most of the forum hates me for being me and wanting this place to stay engine related only, here they are AGAIN.

      someone should sticky this or put in in the FAQ.

      DISCLAIMER: no children were put in harms way while making this thread.

      Quote Originally Posted by speeding-g60 from way back before i was banned

      ahhh, hell i will put it here as others may like to know these things.

      i took my ARP/FW bolts to like 95 ft/lb. this was done in part due to the research Andy (hypothetical) did in measuring stretch, fatigue, etc. this was observed by BobQ IIRC. and i do believe it was given the thumbs up. search poortex for this info in the archives for author hypothetical.

      water pump = 11 lb
      oil pump = 12 lb
      front main seal cover into block = 11 lb
      front main seal into seal housing thru oil pan = 11 lb
      oil pan = 11 lb
      oil pump pickup tube = 12 lb
      big oil pan bolt = 30 lb
      oil pump drive gear bolt = 16 lb
      oil pump chain tensioner = 12 lb
      oil filter housing = 11 lb + 1/4 turn

      cam caps = 7 lb
      cam tensioner = 7 lb
      cam position wheel = 18 lb
      cam position sensor = 7 lb
      cam gear = 48 lb

      serpentine belt tensioner = 18 lb
      shouldered bolt on large roller = 20 lb
      hydro tensioner body = 11 lb
      small idle roller = 15 lb
      guard bolts = 7 lb with loc-tite (blue is removable)
      power steering pump pulley = 18 lb
      balancer = 22 lb

      intake manifold = 7.5 lb
      fuel rail = 7.5 lb

      exhaust manifold = 21 lb
      valve cover = 7.5 lb
      coolant housing = 7 lb

      Fluidampr/factory balancer = 7 lb + 1/4 turn
      crank gear = 67 lb + 1/4 turn
      alt bracket = 38 lb
      water pump pulley = 17 lb

      and as for the ARP rod bolts, this is for all the torque values on the ARP rod bolts. i know this is a SCAT link, but the rod bolts (2000 series) are the same. and you just have to know what size bolt you have and you will know your torque.
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      Awesome post.

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      Quote Originally Posted by .Ant View Post
      What vegeta said.

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      I rebuilt my engine and now in the process of putting it all back together. Im torquing everything down to spec but I cant find how much to torque down the bolts on the engine mount brackets? Could anyone help?

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      If you have vf engineering mounts the specs are posted on their website

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