- Corrado Vr6 Heater Core Removal
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    1. 07-25-2002 08:31 AM #1
      Thanks everyone who posted solutions to bypass my heater core at work yesterday! Made it home AOK... Now, the ugly task of replacing it with one that doesnt leak! My question is... Is taking the dash out the only reasonable way to swap out the heater core with a good one? Anyone ever left the dash in and done it? All tips/suggestions are appreciated! Thanks everyone.

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    3. Member James 93SLC's Avatar
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      Sep 27th, 2000
      NE Ohio
      93 Corrado - 91 Vanagon VR6 Carat
      07-25-2002 09:25 AM #2
      Sorry, it's impossible to replace without dash removal. You have to get into the heater/AC box. Take your time and tag/bag every screw and bolt. It's really not too hard. Just tedious.
      Good luck!

    4. Member J Dubya's Avatar
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      Oct 26th, 2001
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      07-25-2002 10:43 AM #3
      Yep dash MUST come out. Just start taking stuff apart in there. Leave a full day open to dismantle and put it back together. Once the dash is out it's a peice of cake.
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