- AEB 1.8t - CE1 wiring help
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      Aug 7th, 2004
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      10-10-2008 11:47 AM #1
      Soon to be working on the wiring on my MK1 GTI
      AEB 1.8t swap. I was wanting to use my CE1 stuff cause
      i already have it all, but if its better to go CE2 then so be it.
      I heard it was easy to do, never done it before so i wanna
      do it right the first time.
      I have found lots of info for a AEB to CE2 swap
      just didnt know if its pretty similar or not.
      Here is the info from the 1.8t swap thread...
      AEB swap to CE2 Harness:
      AEB wire color > Description > CE2 fuse box plug location
      T6z - Red Plug
      1. Black/Blue > Coil packs > G1/4 (Black)
      2 White/Black > Diagnostic Port White/Black on Diag. Port
      3 Red/Black > Starter Trigger > F/1 (Red/Black) To Starter
      4 Red/Green > Power for O2 Sensors & Mass Air >G1/8 (Red/White)
      5 Red > 12v for ECU > Y/4 (Red)
      Pin # T10 - Brown Plug Description
      2. White/Yellow Read Switch (L.D.P.)
      4. Blue Alternator Warning Light
      6. Black/Yellow A/C Control Head N/A
      9. White/Blue Vehicle Speed Signal N/A
      Pin # T10m - Black Plug Description
      2. Green/Blue > Tach/RPM Signal To MSD Tach Adapter - White
      3. White/Gray > Oil Pressure Warning >G2/12 (Blue/Black)
      6. Black/Yellow Engine Coolant Level Warning
      7. Blue/Brown > Coolant Temp Gauge >G2/3 (Red/Yellow)
      9. Brown/Red Vehicle Speed Signal
      10. Yellow/Red Leak Detection Pump
      Pin # T10y - Blue Plug Description
      Not used
      Pin # T10z - Yellow plug Description
      2. Green/Black > K-Diagnostic Wire > Pin #7 on Diagnostic/OBD2 port
      6. Red/Blue > Fuel Pump Relay >G1/3 Red/Yellow
      8. Green/Yellow > Power for Injectors >Z1 (Red/Black)

      also info i found...
      AEB wiring info

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    3. 11-22-2012 05:48 PM #2
      You ever get the ce1 swap done?

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