- inconsistent hard acceleration (surge) in my 1.8t Jetta
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      08-14-2008 02:27 PM #1
      Hi, all. I've had a persistent problem with my 01 Wolfsburg (AWW 5-speed) for about two years now. My wife has been driving it mostly (and never notices the problem), but I just bought her a new car, so this is my DD now. The car is basically bone-stock except for an APR chip, a Forge diverter valve (got tired of replacing diaphraghm valves) and the diode mod (after adding the chip, the car would always go into limp mode for overboost w/o it). It has 150K on the clock and aside from some serious lifter noise at hot idle, it's in great shape. I've recently replaced all 4 coilpacks, spark plugs, n75 valve, and EVERY pcv fitting. the problem is basically that the car responds erattically under hard acceleration about 50% of the time. sometimes it accelerates like a champ, other times it feels like it want's to go, but backs off and jumps back in(surges) in the 4500 rpm range. It's NEVER thrown a code for this problem. The problem existed before I put the chip in, so i've basically ruled that out. It almost feels like it's 1) losing boost, 2) losing fuel supply, or 3) somthing is funky with the drive-by-wire throttle (losing signal from the pedal?). Has anyone else here had a similar problem?

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    3. 11-02-2008 01:03 PM #2
      I have the same thing goin on...hopefully someone replies to this, if I figure it out I'll let u know

    4. 11-02-2008 04:57 PM #3
      My 04 GLi does something very similar but not quite as often. It doesn't seem to surge but it feels like the revs go up slower and it doesn't pull even though the pedal is at the floor. It almost feels like it is trying to boost but won't. I'd be very interested to see people's thoughts/advice as well.

    5. 05-03-2010 05:12 PM #4
      I have the same problem here. Any help is appreciated!

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      05-03-2010 06:14 PM #5
      Its a fairly common problem, however the fact that you NEEDED to install a diode indicates you definetly have problems. Just because there is no check engine light does not mean you have codes. In fact if you hit limp mode you probably have codes stored for "a difference in pressure deviation" meaning most likely you have a boost leak somewhere or less likely a faulty MAP (maybe even MAF sensor). I'd remove the diode and perform a boost leak test (common place is the intercooler connection near the pass fender.
      Surging can under full throttle can still happen, I swtiched to a N75j valve and opened the wastegate on the turbo to help aleviate the problem. But I would start with my first suggestions, no reason a diode is required on a chipped ECM.
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