- VAG-COM code 2001 jetta vr6
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    1. 05-20-2008 01:55 PM #1
      VIN= 3vwtg69m81209483
      2001 jetta vr6 auto trans
      i cant find this in my mitchells so im not sure what ABS sensor it is
      Also it is giving a 16524 oxygen sensor b1 s2 no activity
      p0140 35-10 intermittent
      im pretty sure this this is the o2 Sensor in the catylist
      lastly i have code
      Auto Trans
      00777 Accelerator Position Sensor (g79)
      27-10 impluasible signal-intermitent

      any help with these would be greatly appriciated

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    3. 05-20-2008 02:46 PM #2
      i just pulled the fuses for abs from the engien bay fuse box and found the slot for the fan fuse was burnt pulled all three spade fuses and put them back in and now all my codes are gone.. does any one know if the abs fuses power the accelerator possition switch (@ pedal) or the o2 sensor's?

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    4. 05-21-2008 01:48 PM #3
      bump for a little help?

    5. 05-24-2008 12:19 AM #4
      you can buy a robert bentley cd for your car from ross tech or elswhwere
      all the wiring diagrams and OEM level reference material are there , it will be the best 100 dollars you ever spent
      or you can log in to the VW service web site for a day or a week and pay as you go / need .
      all the wiring diagrams and OEM level reference material are there ,
      b1s2 is the rear o2 sensor . clear DTCs then run all basic settings and see if the basic setting test[s] for the rear o2 sensor pass or not .

      the low voltage DTC is almost always related to weak or discharged battery , but could be related to a bad ground or corroded connections somewhere in positive supply , find the problem[s] with voltage drop testing.
      better still , bring the car to a qualified independent repair facility in your area , it will be cheaper for you and better for your car in the long run .

    6. 05-24-2008 12:28 AM #5
      I am the vw tech at my shop and the drivability tech
      turns out all codes resolved with the new battery mounted fuse box, with the exception of a code for hvac blend door

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