- 1999 Passat 1.8t starts then dies
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    1. 04-03-2008 10:52 AM #1
      I have a 1999 Passat 1.8t that will start and then die. When given throttle input, it dies immedietly. It will start and idle for about 4 seconds before shutting down. The car ran great up till 2 days ago. I hadn't noticed any real performance problems prior to then. I have an unregistered version of Ross-Tech's Vag software and it says something about heat sensors from the Catalytic Converter and what looks like the description of the o2 sensor and a few other codes that I did not understand. Is there anyone else that is experiencing this problem? If so, what is the cheapest way to narrow the problem down? Why would the car all of the sudden do this? Please help!!!

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    3. 04-03-2008 07:48 PM #2
      Well, we need the codes to help you on this.
      They kinda tell us what the problem(s) is (are).
      Give us all the codes and we'll go from there.

    4. 09-09-2013 12:52 AM #3
      Replaced fuel pump, filter, and relay. Still starts and then dies out. Could the injectors be clogged?

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