- 2001 MK4 VR6 Automatic Transmission Problem!!!
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    1. 02-13-2008 12:23 AM #1
      My 01 Jetta VR6 Auto transmission I think died on me. The car only has 106,000 miles on it. Heres my problem. for a couple of days the car acted funny. shifting from 2nd to 3rd was ruff. like I floored it and let off and then it shifts to 3rd and smoothly into 4th..weird? Well I was driving to work and the car did the same thing but this time instead of shifting to 3rd the car didnt go reved up like i put it in neutral ! Oh man! Well I brought it to the only place in town that will work on my car. They tell me I need to rebuild the transmission. 1900 bucks without taking anything apart !!! I dunno i had other way crappier cars do the same but it was always something stupid and minor. the thing that made me mad was the fact that the shop didnt give me strait answers to begin with and charged me 90 bucks to tell me nothing and say "we dont know". When I told them I cant afford it and I was taking the car home to sit til I have the money they became more "helpful" and offered me a "cash deal" of 1600 bucks. That seemed fishy to me that they could just change there prices so suddenly. What if I said go ahead..They probly woulda got me for 1900 bucks or more ! Anyway anyone on here know anything about these trannies? If maybe someone may have suggestions or ideas what it may be. I've had the car for 2years and I love it. I just think my mechanic was trying to pull a fast one on me. only 106,000 miles! Kinda soon for a trans to go out ?

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    3. 02-13-2008 12:25 AM #2
      Well here is the deal...a good friend of mine is taking a look at that when he checked the fluid the stuff was FUBR!!! The place that I bought it from said that they serviced everything..Will me being dumb thought that meant the Transmission as well. I bout the car with 78,000 on it and I'm very good about changing the oil every 3000. Well I never thought about the trans cause most trannies from what I was told get service about every 40,000. My friend is like "wow! this fluid has never been changed ." So He has to get special fittings for the trans flush machine he has and will be doing that today...I'm praying that's it. He didn't tear it down completely but he said the fluid didn't have any clutch material, metal shaving or chunks in it...Just really S*#tty fluid . So if anyone has anything else to add let me know. Any advise would be great. My mech is a good guy and is honest...anything at all will help...he doesn't work on VW normally and this a learning experience for him but he is ASE he's not a shade tree backyard retard . Thanks

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    4. 02-13-2008 12:32 AM #3
      Also someone ran it by me before since I'm new to the whole VW tuning scene. Dose anyone know of what exactly I will need for a Manual trans conversion. I know I will need a new ECM, Instrument cluster, clutch petal and a Manual 5 speed transmission. I'm not sure what else I need if I wanted to do that but I figured I would ask some people who know and see if its even worth my time .

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    5. 02-13-2008 06:13 PM #4
      No One ??

    6. 02-15-2008 10:41 PM #5

    7. 02-16-2008 05:19 AM #6
      Did anyone pull the codes for the transmission or do any data logging?
      Even with my OBDI Golf 2.0 (previous generation), I can see what gear the TCM thinks I'm in, the solenoid voltages, multifunction switch (AKA neutral safety switch) setting and more.
      Your tranny may be toast or it may just be an electrical problem.

    8. 02-16-2008 10:14 PM #7
      Well My friend used the obd2 reader and nothing for the transmission came up. He did the flush and filter change with no avail . So we are forced to bring it to a trans specialist. He brought to somone he trusts and they will hopfully have answers for me on monday or tuesday. I love my car but it is gonna hurt my wallet this time..I'm just glad it's paid off . If it is a electical problem what could it be? 1st and 2nd gear work perfect just dosent shift to 3rd or 4th.

    9. 02-17-2008 06:59 AM #8
      A standard OBDII reader won't get most of the transmission codes - you need VAG-COM or the dealer's diagnostic system.
      VAG-COM can data log so that you can see what the solenoids are reporting, what gear the tranny thinks it's in, vehicle speed sensor and trottle position sensor, and a lot more.
      Everything's electrical/electronic on these trannies. You need a good diagnostic manual...

    10. 02-19-2008 09:06 PM #9
      I hate to say it but your Tranny maybe shot...I just came back from the dealer today...172,000+ miles on my 01 VR6 Jetta Auto...doing the samething yours is doing but in first and second gear..They said it's dead something came loose and an new tranny is $$$$$ 4000 parts and labor.....Luckly i love my car and NGP isn't far from me sooo i may snag a used one parts and labor 2400...Good luck and I hope the best

    11. 02-21-2008 08:58 PM #10
      Well. is the whole thing shot or can I get it rebuilt? I got quoted on a rebuild . These trannies are hard to come by in my area.

    12. 02-27-2008 09:18 PM #11
      Hey I have a 2000 jetta glx vr6 automatic. Mine was shifting rough and downshifting by itself at highway speeds. It was a sensor on the transmission below the driver side engine mount. I think it was about $36.00 and I installed it myself. There are two sensors, one that talks to the speedometer and one that talks to the ECU and tells it when to shift by RPM. You have to jack up the tranny to remove the engine mount to have access. It took about 90 minutes not a big deal. VW gurantees tranny fluid for 100k and recommends service at that point. Vw filter and fluid can be bought at pap at half of dealer price. My car was acting up at 98k and now has 137k
      Take Care

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    13. 02-28-2008 11:29 PM #12
      Well I'm hoping that the shop I brought it to didnt take me for a ride but it's a little too late for that now...They quoted me 1600 for the rebuild which is a few hundred less than anywhere else. They are a european shop...they have worked on it before..and I hope they actually did what they said they are doing...actually I think I my just stop on by and see the tranny out on my own. just for a piece of mind. They said there was damage to some "hard parts" but is still within budget. Also they found my thermostat housing was leaking...I love my Vdub but this thing isnt cheap to fix ! but I dont think I'll ever get rid of it...well maybe for a 5speed version . thanks for your help though.

    14. 03-01-2008 01:01 AM #13
      Frank, can you tell me more about the part you replaced and how you knew that it needed to be replaced? Did you log some codes that showed the part was bad? I have a 98 Jetta 2.0 with the same issue but they tell me it needs a whole new tranny. Thanks.

    15. 03-03-2008 06:47 PM #14
      Just for the info I figured I would share the outcome of the Transmission. The shop ended up with a total Price of $2300 ! I about fell out when I heard that! How do you go from $1600 to $2300?! Well they said I had to have the clutch housing replaced and some shaft(cant remember the name) was damaged and needed replacing. They also replaced the Thermostat housing and labor came out to be $2300. it wasn't the fact that it cost more than I thought. After figuring the numbers and seeing parts prices it was about right. It was just how the owner was treating me..Talking to me like I was completely retarded and had no knowledge of cars. I mean I'm no certified Audi or VW mech but i know enough to ask some good questions..partly due to this forum and the knowledgeable people who are on here . The Mech was way more helpful and willing to explain what was done and I feel better about it now...i will only go back there because there is no one in my area who works on Euro cars and the mechanic who actually did the work was willing to take the time and talk to me. I mean your paying them $2300 bucks I figure I have the right to have an explanation of the bill and the work done to my car .... know this is a tech forum so i will stop ranting but i figured I post this for the little info provided..

    16. 03-16-2008 12:41 AM #15
      I just got my trans. replaced... A used one. At 170,000+ miles new one was out of the question for 4000 grand. It was slipping from 2nd to 3rd. It was slipping for years and the dealer would tell me it does that when it's cold. Now it's like butter ....And I don't deal with that dealership anymore... It wasn't cheap. It came to 2500. But it was worth it and i'm very happy. Only thing I can tell you is do what you feel you need to do.

    17. 03-28-2008 02:20 PM #16
      Glad that got fixed. My experience hasn't been a happy ending.

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    18. Semi-n00b mruben's Avatar
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      Jan 5th, 2008
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      11-12-2008 07:27 AM #17
      Hello guys,
      I have the same issue. My MK4 VR6 Jetta with automatic transmission started doing the same weird shifts and but i continued using it for a few more days until it stopped even changing gears . My bad... It would start when I turn the engine off for a few minutes, and then it would take the gears again after i put it in drive. So I went a head and checked it with my VAGCom scanner and I got a few sensors off and a fluid sensor as well. Since I didn't have many options to take my car to so I had to take it to the dealer(i knew it was going to be painful); they said that my transmission was gone and I needed to replace it; $4500. I couldn't pay the amount of money so I took it out of there and towed back home while I think what to do.
      Long story short, is that some other people have made me other quotes that go from $400(labor) to 900(labor), but I need to get the transmission(which I don't yet know where to get it--any thoughts?--) and others charge me form 4500 to as low as 2500, putting the transmission.

      I haven't done it and I need some advice. I know Nothing about mechanics, but one thing for sure is that I love my VR6. Please HELP!

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