- Hyperboost DV from Stratmosphere? Anyone got one yet?
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    1. 05-17-2002 11:13 PM #1
      just saw this today myself.....was curious if anyone had one yet and could compare to regular FORGE/Bailey DV'S.....
      Am I OG status yet? Close to 40 years old and still driving a slammed and Boosted ' or sad?

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      05-17-2002 11:14 PM #2
      they just started advertising it like tuesday or wednesday...not sure if anyone other than strat has 'em yet...
      strat's the official NA distributor for forge, aren't they? seems odd they'd pick up another DV line...

    4. 05-17-2002 11:25 PM #3
      Do any of you guys remember the old Rally valves or something that forge had out a year or two ago? Seems very similar. Remember if the spring can not be too tight in the valve or you don't blow off enough air. That was the problems with the early valves. I'm comfortable saying that I think the guys at Forge have worked this out. The fact that the pistion is teflon impregnated sounds good too. My old forges always stuck new pision or old!

    5. 05-18-2002 09:14 AM #4
      this is nothing new, only thing different is heat sink design

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