- Passat TDI Instrument cluster problem
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    1. Member ktbstudio's Avatar
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      May 5th, 2006
      92' Vw Golf Mk3 Gti Kompressor
      12-25-2007 10:06 AM #1
      Hy, my client has a Vw Passat TDI, engine code AVB make 2002. The problem is the fallowing: the car's instrument cluster is not working. The clock and the odometer screen is blank, battery voltage is 12.5 v, when i turn the ignition key nothing happens, only appears the battery and the esp logo.
      I checked with vag-com, only with the abs controler can i made the connection. At chanell 01 (engine) and 17 (instruments) the vag-com says "no response from controller"
      From chanell 03 i read out the following error code:
      01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)
      49-00 - No Communications
      What i have done is the checking of all fuses, i removed the instrument cluster and on the blue connector i checked the voltage on the 1+7, 1+9, 1+24, 23+7, 23+9, 23+24 pins. The measured value was battery voltage or less with aprox. 1 volt. I think that the instrument cluster gots the voltage.
      What is your opinion?
      Thanks for view.

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    3. 12-25-2007 11:06 PM #2
      can you coomunicate with gateway electronics, 19?, if so try to recode it using same code, if not you have to start chasing a can-bus problem

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      12-26-2007 12:34 AM #3
      The gateway is part of the instrument cluster, so if the cluster is unreachable the gateway is not reachable either. Besides that recoding it can't cure problems like this since diagnostics in this model are strictly on k-line.
      Now to the problem itself, the k-line goes to the instrument cluster and from there to the ECU. So if there is a problem with the cluster it might prevent from communicating with the ECU. If you did check all components and the instrument cluster wiring then we have to assume the cluster is dead and needs replacement.
      Do you have any chance to get hold of any other Passat (3B) or Golf/Jetta (1J/9M) instrument cluster which you could use for some tests?

    5. Member ktbstudio's Avatar
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      May 5th, 2006
      92' Vw Golf Mk3 Gti Kompressor
      12-26-2007 03:52 AM #4
      Thanks for reply, my friend has a 1J Jetta and i will make a test with the instrument cluster.

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