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    1. 06-07-2015 08:12 AM #351

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    3. 07-05-2015 11:36 PM #352
      nice ride ^^

      just got new wheels for my ride, im loving them

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      it would whisper in your ear, "lrn2offsetbrah."

    4. 07-06-2015 01:14 AM #353
      Been a while since I've posted on this... Here's a nice update...

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      Jun 29th, 2014
      Rochester/Canandaigua, NY
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      08-26-2015 02:56 PM #354
      F*ck I miss my C5 A6 so much. I want to cry every time I see the owner driving it. I've got a Golf and I love that too, but I wish I still had the A6. It was a dark blue 3.0 Quattro. UGHHHH I want it back.




      You really can't beat German engineering

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      Jun 3rd, 2010
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      08-27-2015 03:25 PM #355
      Quote Originally Posted by dubbed_up_daz View Post
      fresh paint,fresh wheels,fresh engine and fresh box...

      great magazine feature, nice car

    7. Member Rah253's Avatar
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      Nov 20th, 2004
      08-29-2016 03:28 AM #356
      I love the stance, good job on the changes!
      01 1.8T passat, 92 16V GTI, 87 Syncro...

    8. 05-10-2017 04:44 PM #357
      This thread is pretty dead lately, but I've finally started on mine. 99 Quattro. Just had the rear bumper replaced, and refinished a set of super trashed allroad rims (color doesn't show right in pics, but it's a heavily flaked metallic bronze). My suspension is on order, but it's like a 3 week turn around from the manufacturer.

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