- How to Remove 03 Jetta Hazard Switch?
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    1. 11-16-2007 12:51 PM #1
      So I too have been aflicted with the clicking relay, I want to try to replace the relay before anything else, but im not sure how best to get the switch out without shredding the dash. Does anyone have relay/switch pics or good steps of how to remove.

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    3. 11-16-2007 02:58 PM #2
      Carefully pry on the sides with a flat head screwdriver

    4. 11-18-2007 03:49 PM #3
      i put it a new hazard switch it did not fix the problem.
      removing hazard sw:
      -take out radio and cup holder tray. push out switch from inside.
      -pry switch from front, the button popped out on mine. grasp switch body with pliers and pull out. re-attach button on switch body.
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    6. 01-17-2008 01:22 PM #5
      I had the same problem for about 4 years. I got sick of hearing it and decided to see if I could fix it.
      I took off the stearing wheel and opened the turn signal switch box.
      My issue was that a greasy, waxy substance had collected inside the switch box. I don't know if this was intended as a lubricant for the switch, but what had happened was the following:
      The lubricant had collected copper dust due to friction from the regular operation of the switch. The motion of the switch had piled the **** up between the contacts which subsequently caused a small electrical bridge. Depending on temperature, the **** would expand or contract which, I am guessing, aligned the molecules of copper into an electrical connection. The connection did not pass enough electricity to light the bulbs, just trip the relay.
      I cleaned the contacts in the switch box with q-tips and rubbing alcohol, re-assembled the box, and stearing wheel. I haven't had the problem since.
      The hardest part of this process was removing the horn/airbag module. THere is a spring catch on each side of the steering wheel that has to be released with a screwdriver via two small holes in the back of the stearing wheel.
      I would suggest a 3rd party Chiltons style book for good instructions on how to take the stearing wheel off.
      The switch box was difficult to take apart because of all of the catch-latch style tabs that hold the lid on. Several jewlers screwdrivers and some patience seemed to do the trick.
      Hope this helps

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