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    1. 04-15-2002 01:51 PM #1
      Just bought my brand spankin new GTI 1.8T - Black - GD it's sweet.
      Anyway, on to the prob.
      I've been reading the posts about the troubles with the monsoon system and I can't seem to make head nor tails of it with regards to my audio issue.
      My rear spearkers sound like crap. There is barely any audio coming from them at all. The front ones sound crisp and clear but the rear speakers sound all muffled. And the lows...well there isn't any. Is this just the way the system is or does this classify as a problem??

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    3. 04-16-2002 08:43 PM #2
      the rear are 2ohm "subs", they are only to play the lows..bass, but if your not hearing that either, then maybe you do have some probs. Check you settings on the head unit.

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