- One of the best for 2006 (Block Mccloud)
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    1. 07-16-2006 03:09 PM #1

      Album "Spittin Image"
      "Block Mccloud was born and raised in the gritty streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn. He is the son of famous Salsa singer Ismael, who grew up with and sang alongside Salsa legend Tito Rojas. His father’s legacy instilled a musical spirit in the adolescent who began performing for the public in Red Hook and Columbia Street festivals by the tender age of eight. It was at this age when young Block heard the infectious song “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang and became an avid follower of Hip Hop culture.
      Luminaries of the art form, such as LL Cool J, Run DMC and EPMD enticed the natural performer to flex his vocals beyond the singing realm. Block states, “I [became a fiend], staying up all night listening to Red Alert and Chuck Chillout, but it wasn’t until Brooklyn rappers started killing it that I started spitting.” Big Daddy Kane and Rakim were his primary inspiration, “They’re the guys that made me want to rhyme, so I did!”
      He attended the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School with Talib Kweli and had his lunchroom beat-boxing provided by Jarobi of “A Tribe Called Quest” fame. Evolving with Hip Hop as it transcended subgenres, including the Zulu beads, political lyrical content, and the bling bling era, Block was motivated by the emphasis placed on overt consumption. He states, “That’s when I felt I had to step it up and stand up for what I feel is an art that’s being polluted by capitalism and bull****. All this time I’ve been content just playing the back, happy to be a part of something I love.”
      Block has done production and collaborations with his groups Wordamouth, Brooklyn Academy, and Skeme Team. Brooklyn Academy’s founder continues, “But the more I saw all this wack ass **** getting played on the radio, and these cats are getting cash, the more I ached to say something about it and bring it back to its purest form.”
      Just a sick album, a sleeper if there ever was one. It was up on that survey I posted a few weeks back and not many voted for it, so figured I'd give this guy his own thread...cause it's ill.
      A Track

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      nice! definitely gotta check the album [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
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