- Jetta GLX After-Run Coolant Pump does NOT stop running
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    1. 08-23-2005 12:19 AM #1
      It is killing my battery.
      After disconnecting the battery or the fuse from the control module it stops.
      Once I run the car again it starts and do not stop until I do the above.
      When I remove the yellow After-run Thermoswitch it does not stop.

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    3. 08-23-2005 03:13 PM #2
      Cant help but i can definitely empathize with your coolant issues. I know that it is controlled by a fuse that resides on the coolant fan control module(mine is a mk3) that resides under the reservoir(fuse is on right(5amp)). might want to start there. I just ordered the module because my fan is not working correctly... best of luck
      Porsches and VWs.

    4. 08-23-2005 08:01 PM #3
      It sounds like an issue with the fan control module.

    5. Banned 93vr's Avatar
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      Mar 25th, 2005
      08-23-2005 10:09 PM #4
      bump, mine dose the same thing

    6. 08-24-2005 12:25 PM #5
      It was not long ago I had the dealer change my thermostat and fan control module
      Now again the pump is running all the time and the fans are not working. I shorted the connector on the thermostat housing and fans run fine.
      Looks like a realy is stucked and when I disconnect the fuse at the control module pump stopped.
      Is there a relay for the pump?

    7. 08-25-2005 01:28 PM #6
      Do you guys know where can I find a cheap Fan Control Module?

    8. 08-25-2005 08:05 PM #7
      There's some kind of deal on FCMs for Corrados due to a significant cooling system problem. Supposedly you can buy a kit which among other things, includes a FCM for about $50-60. I'm not sure if the connectors on the FCM for the Corrado and your car are the same, but it's worth looking into. I would post a thread in the Corrado thread and ask those guys. I'm sure a significant percentage of them have taken advantage of the special deal.

    9. 08-25-2005 08:36 PM #8

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