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    1. 02-24-2005 10:25 AM #1
      I'm not really a wheel or suspension guy so..have a dumb question...
      what's a hub-centric vs non-hubcentric mean with reference to wheel spacers?
      I'm thinking about getting spacers and someone mentioned that H&R 10mm's are not hubcentric and it causes some "wobble" at high speeds?

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      02-24-2005 12:42 PM #2
      All H&R spacers are hub centric.

      Hubcentric on a VW means that the center hole of the spacer is exactly 57.1mm.

      You can buy cheap generic spacers for like $10, however these spacers have a center hole that's generic in size, maybe 2", 3", etc. These generic spacers don't slip onto the hub and sit perfectly centered.

      ALL H&R trak+ spacers are hub centric, and slip perfectly onto the hub of VW's.

    3. 02-24-2005 02:00 PM #3
      ah, thanks
      any suggestions on what width i need?
      i have a 04 GTI with the stock 17's (think theyre called Arieta's..look sorta like the Aristos from a 20th or R32) and a H&R cupkit
      i don't want them to really look like they stick out, just push them out a little to fill the wheel well up

      Modified by jcrumpton at 10:01 AM 2-24-2005

    4. 02-24-2005 03:01 PM #4
      What is the offset and width for those wheels and I can give you the sizings you'll need to fill out your wells nicely without going excessive. [I'm assuming your offset might now be around ET38 and 7" width.]

    5. 02-24-2005 04:54 PM #5
      no clue on offset
      i think they are 17x7.5

      edit: from the drivergear website...
      Upgrade your vehicle with the 15-spoke light alloy wheel "Aristo", 7.5J x 17, ET 38. The rim is tested according to the strict specifications of the Volkswagen Group, insuring you a high degree of safety and functionality as well as meeting high expectations for original equipment replacement wheels.

      Modified by jcrumpton at 1:05 PM 2-24-2005

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