- How to remove the snow screen?
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    1. 11-23-2001 02:15 PM #1
      How do I go about removing the snowscreen? Can I drive the tdi without the snowscreen?

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      11-23-2001 03:43 PM #2
      I have been driving without the snowscreen for about 12,000kms with no problems. Mind you I have a piper cone filter so it doesn't matter. For servicing I put the stock airbox back in and it ran just fine. Even through driving rain, there is no chance of it going up into the MAF or past it.
      Here's what you do, take apart and remove the airbox. Then you'll have access to the intake along the drivers side of the fender. There is one bolt holding it, 10MM i think it it. Remove that, then just pull it out. Then take a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws, and voila there is the screen. Take a x-acto and cut away. Your done!

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      11-23-2001 11:34 PM #3
      what do you gain by removing the snowscreen?

    5. 11-24-2001 12:32 PM #4
      Hi VWVancouver,
      I've recently removed my intake snorkle to see if I've got the snowscreen. It looks like I don't, but I the snorkle did seem a bit short - only about 10". I'm just wondering if that's the correct length, cos it had a small area chipped off and I'm just afraid that I might have ripped it out by force.
      BTW it had a foam surround wedging it to the inside of the fender, which I didn't put back in cos it was a b*&%h to stuff in. Wonder if I broke anything

    6. 11-24-2001 10:36 PM #5
      Snow screen clogs up with dirt, bugs, and road debris after a very short time. The air filter works quite nicely in removing such contamination on its own, and it has a HUGE surface area that doesn't clog nearly as quickly as the screen does.
      When the screen clogs, you get a restriction in the intake system, and a flapper valve opens which allows the engine to run on hot air from the engine compartment instead of cooler air from outside, and both of these effects make the car slower.
      On the A4 cars, you have to take out the entire airbox, the screen lives at an angled cut in the air duct that goes into the lower airbox.
      Brian P.
      '96 Passat TDI mit UPsolute

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